Island 92 is the home of ROCK, BLUES and GOOD TIME MUSIC!!!



7AM – 11AM:
Fresh Air In The Morning With Dr. Soc

11AM – 3PM:
The Mid Day Show Live with Mr. S

3PM – 7PM:
The Happy Hours with ERB


7PM – 8 PM:

Nothing But Old 45s


7PM – 8PM:
Cerphe’s Progressive Show


8AM – 9AM:
Cerphe’s Progressive Show

9AM – 11AM:
Underground Garage

7PM – 10PM:
LA Lloyd Rock Countdown


9AM – 11AM:

Acoustic Cafe

11AM – 12 PM:

Nothing But Old 45s

Public Service Organizations

Island 92 may be the home of ROCK, BLUES and GOOD TIME MUSIC – but there is more here than meets the eye. We have a responsibility to our listeners, our sponsors, and our community to do what we can in order to make this world a better place. And let’s face it, there is nothing wrong with having a great time while taking time to help. Island 92 is proud to support local organizations that work together and lend a hand. Here are some of our friends, we think you should know about.

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