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Island 92 is the home of ROCK, BLUES and GOOD TIME MUSIC!!!



7AM – 11AM:
Fresh Air In The Morning With Dr. Soc

11AM – 3PM:
The Mid Day Show Live with Mr. S

3PM – 7PM:
The Happy Hours with ERB


7PM – 8 PM:

Nothing But Old 45s


7PM – 8PM:
Cerphe’s Progressive Show


8AM – 9AM:
Cerphe’s Progressive Show

9AM – 11AM:
Underground Garage

7PM – 10PM:
LA Lloyd Rock Countdown


9AM – 11AM:

Acoustic Cafe

11AM – 12 PM:

Nothing But Old 45s

Island 92 - Station Info

Island 92 Team

Broadcasting with 1000 watts of power from the Island of St. Maarten in the Northeast Caribbean, we dive into the music that takes us away from it all. Forget corporations, schedules, bills and stress. Music at Island 92 has always been an escape, and every song is special, with a different meaning to all of us.

The Rock, Blues and good time music we play is guaranteed to strike a chord, jog a memory, make you laugh, cry, sing and dance – and isn’t that what music is for? So sit back and enjoy Island 92, we’re glad to have you aboard.

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